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We have all been there before. Sending out an email to prospect a that we have never met. In the sales field, this is called a cold email and to be fair, by its very nature it seems cold. However, it doesn’t have to be. In the article How to Write a Cold Email That Will Actually Get a Response, by Author Dave Gerhardt, he explains some ways to write a sales email that will come across as less coldhearted. Generating a subject line that they cannot look past is the first step. By doing so, they will allow the rest of your delightfully thoughtful and actively engaging email warm them up. Check out the full article for all the specifics on How to Write an Email That Will Actually Get a Response here:

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George is a content writer/editor with a keen interest in digital & content marketing as well as sales and marketing alignment. George's current professional passion is strategically curating, creating, and editing valuable content that is a resource for readers. George combines his love and excitement for writing, with his experience in technical optimization to create the most desirable user experience for the audience. As a pupil of Content Marketing he realizes the tremendous role content plays in building a loyal audience and maintaining those relationships over time. George also understands the invaluable impact that those relationships can have on the future profitability of any organization.