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Even though Social Selling is hot, sales prospectors (SDRs) still heavily rely upon the classic methods of cold calls and cold emails to connect with prospects. Focus, discipline and drive are the attributes of a successful SDR. Most SDRs are wired to perform and best supported through consistent measurement of their activity. Below are three of the best reports and dashboards to track sales activity and maintain SDR productivity.

Call, Connected Call and Email Activity Tracking in

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.03.31 PM

This table tracks the volume of emails sent, calls made and calls connected on a daily basis. Two days into the week, this SDR is ahead of their call and email activity but lagging in connected calls. While striving for a 10% connect rate, this SDR is just breaking 4% so far this week.

Campaign Contact Status Tracking in

Campaign Contact Status in

Campaign Contact Status in

While volumetric activity tracking is critical to keeping an SDR on pace, the most important and effective operational element to track is campaign contact status. This view enables the SDR to prioritize and organize their calling strategy based upon the contact’s place in a messaging campaign cycle. The view above is of a 6 touchpoint progressive campaign designed explicitly to walk a prospect down a path towards the goal of converting them into a meeting. It is critical to maintain the proper messaging sequence to ensure the best experience for the contact and also to understand which messages have the highest conversion rate.

Meeting Tracking in

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.18.30 PM

This chart is the best indicator of success for the quarter. Most SDRs variable compensation is tied directly to the number of meetings they set. This view looks at the trend of meetings set over the past 5 weeks and provides ample insight for a coaching session.

What’s Most Important?

The targets and your content are most important. While a sales organization can have the most scientific and sophisticated tracking mechanisms, if they do not have a rock-solid ideal client profile and a compelling series of problem solving content they are wasting their prospect’s time. Their single-digit conversion rates will prove it out.

What is your organization doing to put forward high quality content and boost meeting conversion rates?
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