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It’s no secret that we at SalesQuants have a professional crush on Jill Konrath … with good reason. As a writer, I love the post she wrote the other day about the power of words and her constant struggle to make them work for her. And all sales professionals share this struggle, as she points out. So I recommend anybody who cares about their sales craft to read this and remember the importance of always striving to choose your words carefully. Using the right words ups the odds that you communicate clearly and persuade your audience … thereby making the sale. In other words, using the right words equals more sales success. Period.

By the way, in case you didn’t read the entire title of this post, her new website is fabulous—snazzy, yet usable and readable at the same time. She clearly conveys her value proposition (fresh strategies to accelerate sales) and organizes her offerings effectively (brilliant top nav), with carefully chosen words at the heart of it all. Check it out for an example of how to create a great-looking and highly usable business website using the latest design. Great job, Jill!



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