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Are you thrilled you have a new team member to support your sales prospecting efforts (SDR) but you’re struggling with the on-boarding process? Do you have them “researching the market” so you can get some work done and they end up watching hours of Glove and Boots on YouTube?

Sound familiar? Unless you have a well-documented sales process, chances are your new SDR will not be productive for several weeks because you’re balancing their onboarding with your current time commitments.

The hours spent with your new SDR downloading your sales philosophy and dream ideal client profile — which won’t stick because your new SDR is eyeballing his/her colleagues — can be more productive by just having the SDR jump into ToutApp (or your sales communications tool of choice) and spin up an outbound campaign within hours.

It’s a pretty simple process.

After a quick login and configuration of settings and integrations, they can fire up about 30-45 minutes of video (the 15 minute training video and a few others) to get a feel for the platform. After about 90 minutes, they start crushing it! They are prospecting within hours instead of weeks.

ToutApp is the best SDR onboarding tool for 3 reasons.

1. Templates

With Templates your new SDR can grab and go by using the emails from across the team that are already proven to convert. Also, having access to the stable of shared templates can help your new SDR understand your “voice” in the market.

2. Analytics

With ToutApp Analytics you can immediately see who is showing interest in your message and offers by observing engagement. This instant feedback gives the SDR a sense of the buyer’s stage based upon the stage-centric content that drives the most activity.

3. Opportunity for direct observation

Having the power to directly observe engagement of their prospects gives the SDR a boost of energy and some quick win mojo. In the first few weeks, the Team Leader or field sales partner will most likely make the qualification and appointment setting calls. Your new SDR can directly observe the pace and style of these qualifying calls and eventually adopt their own method to booking meetings. We’re talking application, not theory.

This approach gives your SDR the feeling of direct and immediate impact and pulls them into the business a lot more quickly. With all of the new things the SDR is trying to digest, ToutApp keeps you organized and focused by methodically managing your prospecting efforts.



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