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Do you have a firm grasp on the sales prospecting activity required to make plan and meet your financial objectives? Do you have structured sales prospecting campaign that details the number of calls required, by day, by contact status (e.g. first, second, third touch)? Do you have clean contact lists too? Yes? Good! Then share this with your neighbor in the bullpen that keeps their call reports and follow-up tasks on Subway napkins.

Below is a simplified table to hand to your colleague that can help them back into the activity required to make plan. The table contains several safe assumptions but quickly surfaces the cold hard reality. Great salespeople like you are very disciplined and consistent, and willing to commit to dozens of prospect touch points – EVERDAY. In this general model, to close 1.5 deals a month 1,000 contact touch points are required.

Whew! Of course great calling scripts with compelling content can boost your conversion rates significantly. We’ll cover that topic in a separate post. If you have any questions or want to dig deeper into this topic please message me @JeffLHerrmann.



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