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The deal closer comes in many different shapes and sizes. Like an artist, your closing style is a highly individualized and should be because this is what sets you apart from the next sales person. However, author Fergal Glynn has curated nine, tested and endorsed, “closing tricks” from some of the most notable names in the sales world, that he says you can “incorporate into your own process.” In the article, 9 Sales Closing Tricks That the Experts Swear By, he acknowledges that you may not use them all and recognizes that your metaphorical brushstroke is what makes your unique closing style an art. Glynn simply provides these nuggets for thought and allows you to make your own analysis realizing that there is truth behind the phrase “Different Strokes for Different Folks.” Check out the full article by clicking the link above to see if any of these tips can help you paint a better picture!

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