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We know that marketing and sales must work together in order to see a prospect all the way through the funnel from acquisition to revenue. In the software and tech-driven universe of digital that engulfed traditional business as we knew it,  Marketing Automation (MA) and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tools are huge players. They make actions that used to take tremendous manpower to even consider in the past, able to be done by one person within seconds. These tools and the people that use them are the future of sales and marketing. But have you ever seen how this software integrates? We put together a PDF to illustrate how Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management tools can effectively conspire to make it rain leads through the funnel, directly into your revenue stream. The file includes the detailed tracks along the customers journey down the funnel as well as real world examples of drip programs and dashboards along the way. This is a great resource for anyone new to Digital Marketing or Sales Acceleration Software looking for an overview of the concepts:

Makin’ it Rain Leads Through MA & CRM

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