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In this weeks episode, Jeff is joined by Engagio’s Director of Marketing, Charlie Liang (@CharlieCLiang)Upon receiving a degree with distinction in Management Sciences from UC San Diego, Charlie entered the business realm as a Marketing Analyst for Adaptive Insights, a software development company where he designed, tested, and executed digital marketing campaigns. Charlie then joined the team at Shipwire, Inc. as a Marketing Operations Manager where he was responsible for the marketing engine that grew the Shipwire platform at 80% CAGR, leading to the acquisition by Ingram Micro in October of 2013. After leaving his notable mark with the platform developer, Charlie took a position within Trintri, a cloud management application company where he quickly climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, receiving 2 promotions during tenure resulting in a position as the Sn. Manager of Demand Generation. Sticking with the theme, Charlie was hired at BigPanda, yet another computer software developer, as the first marketing hire reporting to the VP of Marketing. Finally, Charlie has most recently began thriving as the Director of Marketing at the Account Based Sales and Marketing platform, Engagio

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About This Episode:

This week we hear from the tech navvy marketing strategist Charlie Liang. Charlie teaches us all about Account Based Marketing (ABM) and it’s proven track record of raising the quality standards of prospecting models, while driving engagement with your ideal clients. Charlie begins by discussing the importance of recognition over negativity in regards to the efforts put forth by SDRs, noting how viral posts with a theme of public shaming are rarely if ever constructive. Charlie recently wrote a piece (The Best Sales Prospecting Email Ever) featured on LinkedIn Sales Content which exemplifies his philosophy behind the effectiveness of praise where it’s due.

Charlie notes the game changing distinction between the thematic tactics commonly utilized by these SDRs, citing the difference between cute and clever prospecting models.  While cute copy, images, or graphics may indeed grab the attention of the sales prospect, it’s the clever use of simple and easy customization that is not only notable but also communicates the intimacy and commitment that ultimately results in driving that engagement your looking for. Here’s where ABM comes into play.

AMB is practice of going after named accounts with personalized efforts, working in conjunction with marketing, sales, and customer success to accomplish those goals — it’s really a numbers game, but it’s QUALITY over QUANTITY numbers game.”

— @CharlieCLiang

No one craves the feeling of being just another number. Tailored messages go a long way in demonstrating that you understand your client’s problem is just that; it’s their problem. And obviously their problem requires their own solution. This is not to say that you should spend countless hours on each individual account, starting from scratch every time. Quite to the contrary, Charlie speaks to the benefits of collaboration between the sales and marketing departments in streamlining a customizable template of sorts used to efficiently showcase your solutions tailored for their specific problems. Well, where do you start? Charlie talks about his preferred method when it comes to breaking the ice with your prospects.


“Our email boxes are saturated with spammy emails that are generic. If you wanted to up the game, you’d [do it] in two ways. A) you’d start by personalizing the emails. B) Try other channels that are less saturated than emails, phone calls, and voicemails. Such as direct mail, advertising, social media, even showing up at the company and buying the folks lunch. Those rare tactics will make you stand out from the crowd.”

— @CharlieCLiang


To hear more from the tenacious Charlie Liang, or to reach out with any comments or questions regarding ABM or anything else you heard in this week’s podcast, you can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn, or email him at




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