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Want to reach your audience (customers) with greater impact? Are you an emerging thought-leader that leverages mobile video technology to publish your point-of-view in real time? Let’s assume you already have a YouTube channel but feel your video quality is sub-par?

Yes, iPhones and GoPros make it so easy to point-and-shoot but you should still strive to have high-quality video content and portray a professional image.

Below are 3 quick tips from our video content leader Abby to help you look your best.

Lighting Really Matters

You’ll need more lighting than you think. It’s a must, otherwise you’ll look old and washed out. The iris on a camera is much more sensitive than the human iris. What may look like enough light to you, will still be dark in the camera. You need 2 light sources at a minimum — and lamps are OK. When shooting put them in front of you and behind the camera — one to your left and one to your right. This should provide the minimum proper lighting to help you produce a crisp video image.

Clean Audio

It’s proven that over all other elements, viewers will stop watching video based upon poor audio/sound quality. It’s best if you have a microphone. If not, use a quiet room to record your session. Make sure the room has some soft features to help minimize the echo.

Meaningful Messaging

Draft a script or an outline before you shoot. Talk slowly and be conversational. Make sure to eliminate “ums… and ahs…”,  don’t say “like” and don’t meander. Crisp speech will engage your audience.

If you want more advanced tips, see this post on the Social  Media Examiner. The YouTube Creator Playbook is also an awesome resource to help you build your audience.

Now grab your GoPro and have fun lighting it up.

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