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Don’t Assume Anything, Assume Everything. Some Agility Required. Sales Prospecting Tips

It’s time to circle back with those Q3 and Q4 prospects that told you to “check in early next year…”

Are you opening the call with “Hi [name],  it’s [SDR name]. Remember me? Is this a good time?”

Chances are you’re getting a long pause….ahhh, no…

Are you helping your prospects out by jumping straight into the purpose of your call after a polite hello? Having a set of scripted key message points will eliminate those awkward pauses and help you fast-track your prospect to where you left off your last conversation.

Since you’re an expert in your field, of course you’ll be well armed with facts, statistics and issues that the prospect’s peer group or competition is facing. Keeping it punchy and highly relevant is the greatest sign of respect for your prospect’s time.

This follow-up call enables you to make some great assumptions on your prospect’s situation since you last spoke. Things are either better or worse…or the dreaded STATUS QUO. There is no better time to help your prospect break the status quo than the start of a new year.

If you get good signals on your opening script, you’re on your way to understanding their situation and the buying dynamics. If you get pushback, well then you’ve learned something and can build upon that valuable insight for the next call. If you hear a dial-tone, that’s a different problem to solve…

Just remember, your prospect is being interrupted and was not expecting your call…and they definitely don’t remember you. Be respectful and get to the point – and fast.



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