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Sales prospecting often gets a bad rap. It can create tremendous value for both the prospect and the selling organization if conducted properly. Below are 6 protocols to drive an effective sales prospecting program. I invite you to add to the list.

  1. Be deliberate. Stay true to your company’s ideal client profile; otherwise it’s a mutual waste of time for your prospect and your sales team.
  2. Quality always trumps volume! Good lists are a key to success.
  3. Be systematic. Conduct sales prospecting outreach in a consistent and methodical way so you can constantly test, measure, learn and refine.
  4. Be dynamic, responsive and resourceful. Going off script is fine if you accomplish the goal of providing value (but still log the call so you stay true to #3)
  5. Be respectful of the prospect’s time and listen for cues…they might just be having a bad day.
  6. Strive to educate. Offer insights or compelling ideas that re-frame your prospects thinking (source: The Challenger Sale)

It’s not rocket science. It’s just useful to consider these protocols to keep the team’s best intentions in line. Sales prospecting facilitates the introduction of new products and services to ideal clients.



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