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Regardless of personal fitness preferences, it is undeniable that bodybuilders are some of the most detail-oriented, disciplined individuals when it comes to their trade. Bodybuilders measure, time, and track EVERYTHING. From an early morning wake-up followed by a perfectly timed jog followed by a blended protein shake, success is in the details.

If a bodybuilder forgets to set his alarm he sleeps in and misses his workout. This leads to burning less calories, not having the time to make his protein shake, and potentially eating something less healthy and messing up his daily caloric intake.

In leaving out one tiny part of his process – setting his alarm – the bodybuilder’s day becomes a mess.

CRM solutions rely on the same things a bodybuilder relies on to achieve success: process, metrics, and discipline.

5 ways to quickly flex your own muscles with CRM:

  • When a new employee starts, schedule both immediate and time-based training sessions with key people. Space out these tasks and reminders so as to not overload the new hire but to structure their learning during the first few weeks/months.
  • SET GOALS. If your company tracks billable time, schedule automatic, periodic emails to inform managers of logged team member hours and who may not hit their monthly goal.
  • Create a phase rollout for new client onboarding. What are the key meetings, materials, and tasks completed with every new customer? Automate those checklist items with an email, task, and notification rollout in your CRM so account managers don’t have to worry about manually scheduling the details with each new customer.
  • LEAD MGMT. Escalate your leads if they’re not handled in a timely manner. Many leads do not come to fruition because they’re not addressed quickly enough. Utilize the lead soring models in your CRM and reassign them to sales reps after a given time frame to increase closed won sales.
  • John Wanamaker- “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Track marketing ROI via lead sources, campaigns, etc. within your CRM to showcase which initiatives are directly creating the most closed won new business. This helps forecast – and adjust – marketing budgets for future months, quarters, and beyond.


Leaving out a small piece of the business process is detrimental to achieving short- and long-term goals. In focusing on the details, companies can achieve greatness and flex their own muscles.



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