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Your Salesforce pipeline is home to a plethora of useful and informative metrics, so many in fact that it can prove overwhelming to fully comprehend and act on in a timely manor. All the crucial sales analytics data is there, so they key becomes understanding which metrics to focus on and how to most efficiently capitalize on these insights. In this episode, Jeff Herrmann shares his preferred method of pipeline analysis at a glance. Jeff discusses the importance of the correlation between two very telling data points; the age of the pipeline, and the stage duration of the deals.

“So when you open an opportunity, then the clock starts ticking […]. We often know the average duration of a deal, and how long the deal takes to close on average, based upon the type of client and lead source. So my favorite data point to stick right next to that age metric is Stage Duration. Then most important thing we look for is the delta, or the movement [of the deal]. Are your deals progressing down the pipeline?” 

— @JeffLHerrmann

 These two metrics alone can be a very good indicator of the health of your pipeline by determining the potential progress that both the individuals and the deals in the pipeline are making. This may be just one of many different ways to “slice and dice” your Salesforce pipeline, but it’s a great way to start.


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