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What is the best feature in salesforce to make sales reps highly effective and productive?

  • Running reports? No!
  • Creating automation? Not directly. Administrators set up automation to run behind-the-scenes.
  • Giving them administrative access? Nope.

Creating List Views in Salesforce

“Creating List Views” is the answer. Views are simple, fast, and visible to any sales rep who has access to the information. If you click on the accounts tab, there is a drop-down that says “View:” where you select what set of data to display from accounts.

Salesforce makes the process of creating and editing list views seamless by giving you 3 basic steps each time:

  1. Name the view
  2. Filter your info with criteria
  3. Choose your displayed info

Inline editing in Salesforce enables mass updates 

Salesforce made this a winning feature with inline editing. Inline editing allows a sales rep to mass update the same field for many records in a list view in one quick sweep. For example, if a sales rep just finished calling 50 contacts in a view and wishes to update “status” on all their contact pages to a new value, he or she mass selects all contacts in the view and changes the status to the new value.

Seven ways the sales reps become more efficient and productive

  1.  No more waiting on the boss or administrator to pull a report
  2.  Sales reps manage call lists / prospecting lists from views
  3. Sales reps can filter call lists by marketing campaigns (if needed) all in the same place
  4. Sales reps can see touchpoints for each person quickly
  5. Sales reps manage and clean their info quickly because of the ability to inline edit
  6. Sales reps can easily locate data mistakes and incorrect information
  7. Sales reps can sort by follow up and activity dates

Part of sales enablement is not only providing utilization but teaching them how to fish. Sales reps are empowered when they are able to create their own views, manage their contacts (and data), and become efficient in their daily tasks. So, it is in changing the point of view that we transfer ownership and therefore enable our sales team.

Do you agree? We’d love to hear your comments.
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