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Too often in sales we consider B2B as exactly what it stands for, business 2 business sales. However, when we get lost in the pipeline with this mentality our message becomes less about solving our prospects problems and more of an ego show about our company’s offerings. In the article, How to Sell Anything to Anybody, author Emma Snider explains how crucial it is to remember that in B2B sales you are still selling to a human being. She gives you nine steps to humanize your sales pitch and, ultimately in doing so, optimize your sales performance.

1) Make it about them– Start by focusing on the buyer first and foremost. This is the most important idea and hence why it is number one on the list.

2) Research before reaching out- Do your homework first. With the plethora of information on the internet there is no reason to reach out to a prospect without having done a little background check on the company and your contact.

3) Define your buyer- After learning more about the company make sure that they need what your offering. Snider says this step is important to avoid wasting time on “poor fit leads.”

4) Contribute first, and sell second- in order to make a connection with your prospect you need to contribute to the conversation before diving into your proposal. Being informative and sincere will cause your audience to be more receptive when it comes time to talk about how you can satisfy their needs.

5) Ask questions, and listen- Even though you may have done your homework asking questions will give you the best understanding of the prospects needs.

6) Be mindful of psychological quirks-your wording when asking a question will likely effect their answer.

7) Approach them on their level- During your meeting Snider urges you to observe your clients personality and tweak your pitch appropriately allowing you to better communicate with them.

8) Hit an emotional high point- “There’s no such thing as a purely rational decision.” Leverage their emotions to your advantage.

9) Remember that you’re selling to a person– When you have a endless list of prospects that you are emailing and calling, you need to remember that there are people behind all the technology. This is why a little consideration and customization goes a long way in forming “real bonds” with your prospects.

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