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Want cleaner data in your instance? Need an improved and more automated sales process? Want better analytics to run your sales forecast? Know which marketing campaigns in are contributing to closed-won deals?

Every company’s Salesforce instance is somewhat different and can use and integrate with different tools, many from the AppExchange (RingLead, Marketo, ToutApp, Box, etc). Want to know how you can improve sales productivity and get a better ROI on your investment?

Give us your input by completing the short survey below and we’ll email you the benchmarks to compare your company to your peers; most likely you are facing very similar issues:





The Sales Quant

About The Sales Quant

A champion of B2B sales and marketing alignment and brand audience development, Jeff is passionate about leveraging content, technology and data to enable challenger organizations to accelerate sales and realize extraordinary growth. As the CEO of Madison, Michigan and Market, and the Publisher of SalesQuants, Jeff is a resource to both Sales Executives and CMOs because he understands the dynamics of their relationship.