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Here at SalesQuants, we’ve been talking a lot about social selling recently, and we think building social profile equity is going to be a major theme of 2015. To my colleagues in sales who pride themselves on social savvy (or are striving to become champs in this realm), do not hesitate to check out these 4 tips on social selling from Atri Chatterjee, chief marketing officer of Act-On Software. Some of them are common sense, but he also says a few things that might surprise you, like:

“Consider your own persona as a salesperson and user of social media. What are your interests and specialties? Where do you see your skills best utilized? Prospects won’t trust someone who’s only looking to sell, sell, sell, so build out your ‘curbside appeal’ as SAP’s Gerry Moran would say.”


Image courtesy of Thomas Lapperre via Flickr.



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