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Do you have new team members that are full of energy but are greener than Al Gore? If so, forward these tips to them.

Dear GPOP (greenest person on planet),

Please always think in terms of your prospect/client. Chances are you are not the only person calling
on them that day.

  1. ALWAYS include an Executive Summary (with Outcomes) in any presentation deck you send to prospects after the pitch. Please make sure your content is punchy, approachable and digestible. Think about navigation and utility of the PPT deck by featuring strong section breaks and call outs.
  2. Just assume that most buying decisions are collaborative so you need to package content that is “forward-able” and clearly articulates the value of the services/products you are pitching. (see point 1 above)
  3. When calling to “check in” with prospects — ALWAYS please remind them about the value/outcomes/key reasons for talking in the first place. A simple recap is helpful. For example, “Hi Mrs. Prospect the last time we spoke we discussed a plan to improve your close rates by 20%…I am calling today to… “

Our buyers are very busy– and distracted– and should always be reminded as to why we started talking in the first place. Strive to provide self-service content that is easy to navigate.



The Sales Quant

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