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Yes, at least according to about half of B2B training professionals in evaluating their own sales training content. If yours is anything like theirs, then yours sucks, too. And it gets better … a recent Brainshark survey of 162 B2B sales training professionals revealed other disturbing issues:

  • 25%: The materials our company creates doesn’t meet the sales teams’ needs.
  • 45%: My reps are too distracted and lack focus.
  • 2 out of 3: My organization’s sales training program is not effective.

The reason they don’t have effective materials?

  • 50%: Development is too time-consuming.
  • 31%: Development is too expensive.
  • 24%: Development is too difficult.

If you are in a position to change this, act now! Show your boss the Brainshark infographic, then offer to improve the program yourself. Lay out your vision for what is needed and what you and your fellow sales professionals need to do to get there.


Photo courtesy of Lip Jin Lee via Flickr.



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