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You are the Differentiator, Not Your Product or Service

A Review of Jill Konrath’s AGILE SELLING

Agile Selling is jam packed with so many useful tools and sales tips that it’s hard to write a review without basically copying the entire text into this post. This book is a phenomenal resource for both seasoned and new sales people, sales leaders and also their C-level peers. Jill Konrath has done it again!

The KEY TAKEAWAY which resonated with me is in Chapter 30. “Remember, you are the differentiator today, not your product or service.” Given the advent of search and social, the buyer is in complete control. Buyers can find what they need online – from your company or your competitor’s — without the assistance of sales. Today’s best sales people provide relevant and meaningful support to buyers to help them make sound decisions.

Get aggressive with your personal content marketing strategy. It is the key to building credibility with your clients/buyers to prove your expertise as a problem solver in your field.

Agile Selling provides you with the tools you need to be a relevant and meaningful resource to your buyer. As stated in Chapter 44 (Strive For Maximum Impact), for sales people to do their job well they need to become an analyst, trend watcher, researcher, interpreter, evangelist, problem solver, relationship builder, guide, project manager and more. Agility and flexibility are the keys and your knowledge differentiates you from everyone else. Great sales people don’t have to sell, they just solve problems.

All of the methods/tools you need to achieve this high standard are in the book.

Agile Selling is such a great resource that I have our junior sales team members reviewing a chapter per week in our sales meeting. This has really helped our more seasoned (and opinionated) team members up their game as well.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a great addition to your summer reading list and it’s also a useful tool that you can keep at your desk to refer to over time.



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