Workshops: Social Selling & Content Marketing

Social Selling Workshop: Is your Social Selling strategy focused on generating activity or building equity with your prospects and clients? Our 1-day Social Selling workshop will boost your team’s productivity immediately by focusing on the following areas:

  1. How to configure your social profile for use as a tool to build trust and credibility with prospects
  2. How to discover and engage your ideal clients with Social Selling
  3. How a publishing strategy can build Social Profile Equity through Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Does your marketing and messaging strategy focus on solving your ideal client’s problems or only on YOUR features and benefits? Do you have enough of the right “stage-based content” to help your sales team accelerate deal flow? Our 1-day Growth Workshop: Content Marketing Canvas will drive sales and marketing alignment resulting in well-educated leads that close faster and at a higher win-rate.

The Growth Workshop: Content Marketing Canvas is covers the following topics:

  • Culture and Alignment: Winning with an Integrated Sales and Marketing team
  • Discovery and Research: Audience Research, Persona Development and Buyer’s Journey
  • Develop, Plan and Strategy: Content Marketing Mission Statement, Story Ideation, Content Roadmap, Channels
  • Execute, Measure and Optimize: Distribution, Content Asset Tracking and Effectiveness, Influencers