Salesforce / CRM Consulting

Is your CRM set up properly? Do you know how to use it? If you need extra help to learn it, take advantage of formal, continual salesforce and crm training for users. Do you have questions about your leads, sales team, pipeline, prospecting, data or client retention?

We’ll tell you what’s what:

    Get a strategic overview into the brain of the sales mechanism. Avoid broken automation, unclean data, poor user adoption, syncing errors and inaccurate field mapping. Automate and design smart sales processes; create workflows with step-by-step documentation. Make sales performance figures more measurable and reporting/analytics more meaningful. Automation could also extend to operations and HR design. Needs vary according to business priorities.

    Resolve action, field and object visibility and accessibility. Includes things like license types, public groups and triggers. Set appropriate permissions based on responsibilities and usage rates. For example, ensure performance reviews and financial information is only seen by appropriate parties/departments. Can also look at field sets, hierarchies, roles, profiles, sharing rules and organization-wide settings.

    Assignment of leads to the appropriate people and follow-up to others (direct reports, CRM admins) in the event of complaints. A lot rides on placing leads with the right salespeople … and addressing questions of ownership. Prevent disputes. Everybody loses in the event of salesperson-on-salesperson crime. Make roles and arbitration clear by defining the rules carefully.

    Increase ability to track leads, expand visibility into campaign influence. Take charge with field updates, email updates and ownership transfers. Know when marketing-qualified leads have changed status. Keep track of activity on your accounts. Assign activities to keep communication with prospects and existing customers alike. Even do project management and time tracking in the CRM. Track the prospecting process by activities and messaging cycles. Create call lists to filter by target and persona.

    Salesforce training shows sales professionals the ins and outs of the business process and how they’re applied to marketing and the CRM system. Know all the people involved in your sales and marketing process at any given time. Conduct regular sessions to stay up-to-date on changes to the CRM system. Set up workflows, dashboards, reports. Organize lead and pipeline processes. Create uniform standards for use. Finally, document and archive accessible instructions for future reference.


    Need a third-party perspective on how much you’re getting from your investment? We’ll evaluate your instance from A–Z and scope out a solution that addresses opportunities for improvement. Audits are great for answering the following questions:

    • Is my sales and marketing data accurate?
    • Do sales and marketing users know where to file and retrieve information?
    • What kinds of data can I display on easy-to-read dashboards for my sales and marketing users?
    • How do I clean my data?