Sales Process Design

Align marketing and sales teams with powerful workflows, cohesive business practices and successful process implementation. Is your sales process suffering from lack of adoption? Do you even have a documented process for all the steps in lead-to-revenue tracking? Do you have issues with syncing with marketing automation platforms, being a social seller or tracking sales revenue to inbound marketing?

Avoid setbacks from an inefficient sales process:

  • Broken workflows
  • Botched implementations
  • Flawed business practices
  • Poor training

Learn more about:

Sharing goals, buyer intelligence, strategies and holding everybody accountable for revenue.

Being recognized as an established authority in your field. Helping buyers by sharing valuable insight and challenging them to see your vision for their success.

Knowing the business process and how it’s applied in your CRM and marketing activities. Helping staff find training and documentation. Knowing all the people involved in the sales and marketing process at any given time. Staying up-to-date on your CRM.

Making two systems talk to each other while keeping the data clean. Giving salespeople greater visibility and input in the marketing process, while giving marketing people a window into the sales process. Track marketing activities as diligently as sales, and show the marketing contribution to revenue with detailed views of return-on-investment.