When using Salesforce.com, your opportunities are exactly what they sound like, an opportunity. They are a chance for you to close a deal and become one step closer to achieving your goal. However, when you’re the quota crusher that you are, sorting through a prosperous list of opportunities can be troublesome without the right know how. Below we have put together a six-step guide illustrating how to view/navigate through your opportunities in Salesforce.com.

  1. Click on the Opportunities tab (If not already visible in your existing tab bar, click the plus sign to view all tabs)
  2. Click the “View” drop down list below 
  3. Click “New This Week,” “Won,” etc. to view different groups of data
  4. Click the name of the list you are looking for followed by “Open Opps” (i.e. “MFG Open Opps”) to see current opportunities that are not closed
  5. Click the name of the list you are looking for followed by “Closed Opps” ( i.e. “MFG Closed Opps This Year”) to view won business this year
  6. Click “Create New View” to find, refine, and search for specific records
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