Sales Analytics: Transform your data into information, and your information into insights.

You do the selling, let SalesQuants do the rest.

Businesses well-versed in sales analytics can take their historic sales data and statistics and turn their spreadsheets into the accurate and informative intelligence needed to better every aspect of their business practices. Utilizing practiced and proven forecasting practices, sales analytics focuses on transforming sales reporting into actionable insights with the intention of extracting meaningful business data and providing actionable data in order to guide strategic decisions. Through a thorough analysis of future pipeline levels, accurate sales data can provide you with accurate visibility needed to launch marketing campaigns, steady resource allocation, and prepare services for potential large engagements.

Sales analytics best-practices provide insights into the unification and understanding of disparate sales data sources paired with  the ability to tie data together to derive meaningful understanding and results. The numbers don’t lie, and SalesQuants can give you the resources to let them speak for themselves.

We provide BU/regional customized analytical documents in order to support regional SVP’s and enable you to have the visibility you want and need in order to optimally run your business with consistency and discipline. Our team will give an educated perspective on your Quarter-over-Quarter or Year-over-Year performance to truly gauge
progress in certain areas in order to optimize your strategic decisions.

Utilizing your historic pipeline data, we are able to book prime predictive capabilities conversion rates applied towards current and future pipeline levels for a regularly accurate sales benchmark indication. SalesQuants prides ourselves in our ability to provide assistance to sales leaders in their effort to grow their business through opportunity identification and execution via our Connect / Cultivate / Convert mantra.

To learn more about the reports SalesQuants has to offer, check out our Best Sales Analytics and Sales Forecasting Reports

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