Best Sales Analytics and Sales Forecasting Reports



A) Analyze % Commit, % BC, % Pipeline per region/product group/rep

B) Pipeline with deal count and avg. deal size. Show actuals as well. See who’s in/out of range.

C) Trace deals in/out of pipeline weekly — lost, push to next qtr, etc.

D) Rep pipeline trending

E) Win/lost/pushed deals identified per rep

F) Avg duration per stage per region/product group/rep

G) Changes in pipeline from week to week per rep

H) Weekly new forecast/pipeline deals per rep

I) Regionalized pipeline growth per product group

J) Quarterly pipeline by rep

K) Sales stage progression — trending of movement between each stage — velocity

L) Percent and $ movement between stages & timing averages of each stage

M) Deal count & $’s in each stage by qtr — volume & value

N) Conversion rate — volume (deals closed vs forecasted per month per region (e.g., PRO))

O) Conversion rate — value (conversion % as in bookings vs pipeline at start of month/qtr)

P) YTD SOC and quarterly pipeline levels — 12 month view. Tie in close % assumptions/projections.

Q) YTD SOC vs quota and pipeline coverage for remaining quota


Predictive / Interactive

A) Low, medium, high projections per rep (based on historical rates, pipeline levels, etc.)

B) What-if scenarios (e.g., close rate %, pipeline values, etc.)

C) For rep to hit quota, need x % Commit, x % BC, x % Pipeline

D) Prediction based on historical close % and pipeline levels (e.g., PRO)

E) Regression for predictive purposes (historical pipeline/bookings used to predict)


Challenged Deals

A) Slipped deals

B) Stuck opportunities

C) Stale opportunities (e.g., not touched/edited in a while)

D) Deals moved out of quarter/forecast since prior week

E) Sales stage analysis in relation to count of days remaining in quarter and avg time per stage

F) Get avg days to close per rep/business and compare to forecast/pipeline to see how realistic

G) Flag Commit deals for which we’re not VOC yet and also that are in Engage or Discover (risk)

H) Flag Best Case deals that are still in Engage or Discover (risk)



A) E.g., — why PRO South sales stronger than East and West



A) Activities (e.g., meetings, demos, etc.) (in relation to closed business)

B) T&E — productivity, scorecards (by rep, by type, by month, etc.)

C) Lost deal analysis including analysis of stage/events when lost (e.g., after demo).

D) R3-month pipeline

E) RFP’s (tie into SFDC opportunities — win ratio as well)

F) Discounting per product group and per rep