You Sell, We Analyze

Are you drowning in data but still feel slightly blind to surprises? Do you need help identifying trends, momentum and new opportunities so you can spend more time coaching your team and hitting your goals with a high degree of precision?

Lastly, are you hesitant to buy another fancy SaaS insights tool that your ops team will use once but find it difficult to integrate into your tech stack.

We’ve created a Sales Analytics Toolkit to help you do the following:

  • Accelerate the growth of your business
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase sales productivity of your reps
  • Identify risks and gaps
  • Improve your forecast accuracy
  • Increase visibility and help reps where they’re struggling

Sales Analytics Toolkit

The following 6 modules are included in your Sales Analytics Toolkit.

Pipeline Overview:

First we’ll determine the overall health of your organization’s pipeline. We’ll reference an extract of your CRM as well as any budgetary insights to generate coverage metrics. We’ll also give you insight into the sales cycle, average deal sizes and rep productivity.

Pipeline Progression:

Over a fixed time horizon, we’ll normalize your pipeline data and analytically determine the progress made by reps, managers and business units.

Pipeline Risked Opportunities:

We’ll flag deals at risk based upon quantitative facts to help you cut through any optimistic happy talk.

Sales Rep Quota Attainment:

Here we determine the likelihood of reps ability to meet and exceed their quotas with a high degree of precision.

Sales Rep Scorecard:

Sales reps will be evaluated and dynamically ranked across a number of measures including win rates, forecast vs. historical attainment, T&E productivity.

Sales Rep Performance:

Each sales rep will be evaluated based upon current and expected performance. By examining close rates, historical pipeline trending, opportunities, staging…we’ll help you understand true productivity and give you deep insight to support your coaching efforts.

Advisory Services

In addition to the deliverables listed above, we offer additional advisory services including, but not limited to:

  • Data review sessions
  • Gap analysis of best practices
  • Monthly read out
  • Data cleansing
  • Insights, trends and solutions
  • Training
  • Integration of external data sources

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