Attention sales pros, you’re no longer carrying the burden alone. Content Marketing has been a boon for the sales department. Winning sales pros have embraced their modern marketing partner because of their proven and significant contribution to pipeline. The data and insights generated via content and marketing automation programs help you become highly productive and effective.

The book “Selling in the Age of Content Marketing” will help you better communicate with buyers that have been highly educated by your organization’s “marketing first” approach.

Below is a quick rundown of the topics we’ll cover.

10 Reasons Sales Pros are Highly Productive due to Content Marketing

  1. Your customers and prospects are now well educated because they’ve consumed valuable problem-solving content generated from your organization
  2. You now have a detailed, data driven understanding of your customer’s interests, intent and buying stage
  3. Your prospecting list rocks because it’s built based upon personas (and their behaviors and motivations) in addition to flat firmographic data
  4. You’ll know exactly which social platforms to use for social selling and which ones to ignore
  5. You’ll be seen as an indispensable resource because you’re focused on solving problems and can back it up with awesome content assets
  6. You can shift your early stage prospecting strategy away from value props (about us/company) and into education and problem solving mode (about them/customer)
  7. You’ll better understand the buyer’s journey and the decision criteria your customers desire when solving problems and evaluating solutions
  8. You can lean into a library of awesome stage-based content to educate and help solve your customer’s problems, which should accelerate the purchase cycle
  9. You’ll have a clear and compelling content marketing mission statement to engage your customers/prospects and promote your differentiation and focus
  10. Your content-based educational approach will build trust and credibility more rapidly