Tools, Tips, and Trades: How to Send Video Emails with ViewedIt from Vidyard

By May 11, 2017Uncategorized

In this Video: ViewedIt from Vidyard

Our friends at Vidyard have done it again with their latest email-compatible video platform, ViewedIt. In this Video, Jeff Herrmann demonstrates  how this simple yet versatile Google Chrome extension enables users to break the ice and build trust and accountability with their peers simply by inserting video thumbnails in your email. ViewedIt adds a new dimension to the typical communication process, effectively bringing life to your conversations, clarity to your messages, and ease to your emailing process.

If you’re interested in ViewedIt, the free Chrome extension installation can be found on the Chrome Webstore

If you’d like to learn more about ViewedIt or our friends at Vidyard, a live screen-share demo is available on 




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